Pedzan, Tom, and Friends is a crossover series that has higher ratings than the entire Pooh's Adventures franchise.

Characters Edit

The Main Duo Edit

  • Pedro Pony/Pedzan - Originally appearing in Peppa Pig, Pedro Pony's jungle adventure inspired him to have an alter ego: Pedzan, a portmanteau of Pedro and Tarzan.
  • Tom Smith - Originally appearing in SpongeBob SquarePants, most notably in Chocolate with Nuts, this fish Bikini Bottomite craves chocolate, and is good friends with Pedro/Pedzan.

Crafty Croc's Crew Edit

  • Crafty Croc - The main enemy of Coco the monkey, Croc is the leader of his villainous army.
  • Greedy Gorillas - They are Croc's purple gorilla henchmen.
  • Mr. Carrot - This Michael Angelis-voiced carrot puppet has committed many crimes, including cannibalism.
  • Reginald the Lion - This lion from 64 Zoo Lane went from arrogant to joining Croc's gang.

Other characters come from Kellogg's, Shaun the Sheep, Disney, and more.

Episodes Edit

  1. Away from the Chocolate Jungle
  2. The Chocolate Jungle Invasion
  3. Infinity War